Hungarian Travelers in America

In 2014, we reported that the Somogyi Library has been joining the Night of Museums series of events every year since 2007, with the title Library Night of Museums. As part of this, the library staff organizes a number of programs, thus the library and the special collections are open from 18 to 24 hours. The Vasváry Collection and its curiosities can also be viewed during this time. Year after year the exhibitions are grouped around different themes.

Titles of exhibitions: Híres amerikai magyarok (Famous Hungarian Americans) (2007), Amerikai magyarok krónikája (Chronicle of Hungarian Americans) (2008), Amerikai magyar múlt képekben (Hungarian-American Past in Pictures (2009), Óhazából az Újvilágba – emlékek az amerikai magyarság múltjából (From the Old Country to the New World – Memories of the Past of Hungarian Americans (2010), "Lincoln magyar hősei" – negyvennyolcasok az amerikai polgárháborúban ("Lincoln's Hungarian Heroes" in the American Civil War – Forty-Eighters in the American Civil War) (2011), Kossuth-dollártól a Lincoln-díjig – emlékek az Újvilágból (From the Kossuth Dollar to the Lincoln Prize – Memories from the New World) (2012), Árpádhontól Új-Budáig – magyar városalapítók Amerikában (From Árpádhon to New Buda – Hungarian City Founders in America) (2013), Amerikai magyar anziksz – képeslapok a Vasváry-gyűjteményből (Hungarian-American "Anziksz" – Postcards from the Vasváry Collection) (2014), Amerikai magyar fotográfiák – ritkaságok a Vasváry-gyűjteményből (Hungarian-American Photographies – Rarities from the Vasváry Collection) (2015), Magyarok Amerika postai bélyegein – filatéliai érdekességek a Vasváry-gyűjteményből (Hungarians on Postage Stamps of the United States – Philatelic Curiosities from the Vasváry Collection) (2016), "Magyar-Amerika írásban és képben" – ritkaságok a Vasváry-gyűjteményből (Hungarian America in writing and image – Rarities from the Vasváry Collection) (2017), Kossuth-zarándokút Amerikába (Kossuth Pilgrimage to America, 1928 – Memories from the Vasváry Collection) (2018)

This year, the Night of Museums of the Somogyi Library was held for the thirteenth time. This time, the digitization, interactivity and travel were the nationally highlighted themes. Among the programs, that took place on June 22, was the compilation of Hungarian Travelers in America – Selection from the Vasváry Collection. The visitors could see the volumes about the Hungarians traveling to the New World, as well as travelogues they wrote, illustrated with pictures. Many other exhibited documents contained several interesting additions about István Parmenius Budai, Sándor Bölöni Farkas, Ágoston Haraszthy, Lajos Kossuth, János Xántus, Károly Nendtvich, Jenő Bánó, and with the help of QR codes, information could be obtained about the Vasváry Collection and its publications too.


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