AHEA Conference in Szeged

The American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) held its 35th Annual Conference from June 3 through 5, 2010 in Szeged. The Conference location was at the MTA Szegedi Akadémiai Bizottságának Székháza, not far from the building of the Somogyi Library.

"The AHEA is a professional and scholarly organization devoted to the teaching and dissemination of Hungarian culture, history, folklore, literature, language, fine arts, music and scientific achievements. Through annual conferences and its newsletter, AHEA seeks to provide an opportunity for those interested in Hungarian Studies and Hungarian Heritage to further these interests. The conferences provide a forum for scholarly addresses and an opportunity for discussion groups devoted to topics of special interest." ( The title of the Conference was "Bridges Between Hungarians - Magyar - Magyar Kapcsolatok". During the three days there were many lectures in most various subjects by lecturers both from United States and Hungary and beyond the frontier. The Conference program can be found at the website of AHEA.

The Vasváry Collection joined the Conference with an occasional exhibition about Hungarian-Americans and with a lecture titled The Vasváry Collection: A Hungarian-American Resource Center in Szeged by Professor András Csillag and Mária Kórász. The Conference, which was organized to Szeged, was a good occasion for the Vasváry Collection for meeting many participants of the Conference. There were visitors also in the Collection during all the three days and before the days of the Conference, among others Kenneth Nyirády, Ilona Kovács, Nóra Deák, Lilla Szabó, Judith Némethy Kesserű. Some participants donated valuable materials to the Vasváry Collection. The Collection increased with an exellent film as well titled Inkubátor. Réka Pigniczky's documentary film deals with growing up in an exile community in the United States, developing a double-identity. The film was shown in the first evening of the Conference.

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