Researcher from Japan

On September 19, 2005 Ms. Yamamoto Akiyo visited the Vasváry Collection. She is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Nagoya City University in Japan, where she teaches, among other subjects, the history of emigration from Japan to the United States.

She was studying in Hungary during the change of regime about 15 years ago. During her years in Hungary, she was interested in the history of Hungary, and she started to take a more detailed interest in Hungarian emigration to the United States. She wrote her Ph. D. thesis on this subject, in Japanese. She was in Hungary in September for two weeks. While in Hungary, she visited Szeged and the Somogyi Library. She searched the data in the Vasváry Collection about the Hungarian Loyalty League and about some Hungarian persons who were active during World War I, such as Elek Csutoros, Sándor Konta, Constantin Dumba and others. Her present theme is The Hungarian-Americans' relationship during World War I. She plans to publish a book about this theme in the future in Japan. She expressed her satisfaction and was pleased to find a lot of materials on her subject in the Vasváry Collection.